12 Aug 5 Fantastic Bridal Party Makeup Tips Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Enhance Your Beauty Don't Hide It!

Enhance Your Beauty Don’t Hide It!

The wedding season is finally here. This means that you are getting ready to welcome the happiest days of your life, spent in the company of your better half. Nonetheless, it also means that you most likely have a million different things on your mind. Fear not, Male Strippers Virginia is here to give you some great tips so you can sit back and relax on your bid day!

Perhaps you’re running around town trying to find the perfect dress. Maybe you’re struggling to organize a fabulous bridal party while staying within the strict boundaries of your budget. All these details can demand a lot of attention and increase your stress levels. Have you thought about the makeup style that you’re going to embrace? The bridal party makeup is one of the most important elements that you should focus on, to bring out the modern goddess in you and amaze your guests with the amplified beauty of your facial features.
Can’t afford to hire a makeup artist for this special event in your life? No worries! With just a few basic products, lots of practice and a little bit of creativity you can do your own makeup, save big and create a stunning look! Here are 5 fantastic tips that may come in handy during this makeover process.
1. Accentuate Only One Facial Feature. Choose to highlight only one key feature to maintain a classy look. You can’t have cherry lips, smoky eyes, the darkest eyebrows on the planet and bronzed cheeks and expect to be perceived as appealing and tasteful. If your eyes are your most alluring facial feature, go for smoky eyes created using browns or matte tones and finish the look by adding a very subtle blush and nude lip gloss. On the other hand, if you have sensual, full lips, go for a classic makeup style based on red lipstick, black eyeliner and a shimmery translucent blush.

2. Avoid SPF Products. Normally, any health-conscious makeup artist would advise you to use products containing SPF. This is the time when you have to make an exception. Ditch SPF-containing elements before taking the first photo! Why? Apparently, most formulas listed in this category comprise zinc oxide (a compound found in various types of foundations and moisturizers). These aids may enable you to look exceptional in person, but they will inevitably contribute to that creepy washed-out look in photos.

3. Avoid Lip Closes If You’re Planning on Wearing a Veil. Veils are our connection with centuries-old traditions. They are a symbol of purity, mysterious beauty, class and elegance. If you don’t want to trade your veil for a tiara or a fascinator, at least go for a matte lipstick that is 100% resistant to transfer. Otherwise, pairing lip gloss with a veil designed to cover your entire face could be a totally misguided decision, turning your big day into a major fashion mishap.

4. Go Light on the Powder and Use Oil Absorbing Sheets. Don’t let a little bit of shine drive you crazy during the big day. If you have oily skin, you may tend to think that powder is your number one ally. Wrong! After multiple applications, this agent could actually trigger less desirable results, guaranteeing a totally unattractive cakey face that nobody wants to see or photograph. On the other hand, oil absorbing sheets fit in your tiny purse and can be easily used to keep shine at bay allowing you to display a radiant, healthy-looking skin all day long.

5. Use Primers and Don’t Overdo It While Applying Shimmer
Tone down shimmer excess. If you think that you can never have enough glitter, your camera will prove you wrong. Even the most sophisticated gadget that you could use to take photos will inevitably turn the extra shimmer that you have generously applied on your brow bones or cheekbones into very unflattering white streaks. If you want to avoid the ghostly bride look at all costs, opt for a less flashy, glittery makeup and choose matte textures that always represent a safe bet. Also, don’t forget to apply premium face and eye primers, designed to increase the lifespan of your bridal party makeup and make you look fresh and relaxed, even when you’re actually tired and overstressed with all the wedding details.

We know your big day is important, take these key bridal makeup tips and share them amongst your bridesmaids! Consider having a pre-wedding makeup party to test out the best makeup looks for each person.
Before the big day don’t forget to book one of our male strippers in Virginia – you’ll not only look great you’ll have let lose all those pre-wedding jitters and frustrations! Let us help celebrate and book today!

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31 Jul How to Keep Bridezilla from Crashing Her Own Bachelorette Party


We all have that ONE friend, we hate to say it but she’s a total diva! But what happens when that fabulous diva turns into bridezilla? If you have a bridezilla on your hands you better be prepared to deal with high demands and unreasonable requests. Male Strippers DC has successfully pleased many bridezillas and lucky for you, we’re more than prepared to deal with unruly brides, but the question is, are you? Before this dashing diva turns into a monster, make sure you have a backup plan. Keeping the bride happy will ensure the whole crew has a blast, we know it’s supposed to be all about her, but common who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves at a bachelorette party? Take a look below for some great tips on how to keep bridezilla from crashing her own bachelorette party!
Loosen Her Up!

I’m not talking about getting her so drunk she can’t walk, I’m just saying a meet and greet at the door with a heavy handed cocktail might loosen her up pretty quick. If she’s stressed out about the wedding she’s sure to start telling you and her guests all about it – instead distract her with a fancy cosmopolitan and tell her how much fun she’s about to have. Sometimes it’s all about setting the standard, if you show her you’ve got her back, she might just relax enough to let loose and enjoy herself. Remember to keep things light; don’t let your frustrations show because it’s sure to pass on to the bride. In other words don’t poke the bear!
Keep Her Busy!

While it’s hard enough to make sure everything runs according to your plan, it can become an outright nightmare if the bride starts getting bored. While you and your guest are preparing for the evening keep her busy by suggesting she try on outfits, fix her hair or makeup, anything to distract her from getting in your way and foiling any plans. Ask for help from the other bridesmaids to keep her busy. Music, high class cocktails and girl stuff should keep her attention focused on the night ahead and keep her out of your hair!
Hire a Professional or a Few!

Hitting the town is a great way to keep the bride entertained but realistically the one thing everyone is waiting for is the strippers! Male Strippers Virginia has been catering to bridezillas and their blushing bridesmaids for a very long time – we know exactly how to turn a party from disastrous to divine in no time flat. Our crew is focused on one thing, keeping the bride happy! With fantastic smiles, hard bodies and delightful personalities, our male dancers in Virginia will have the bride blushing with joy! With a happy bride you’re sure to have a successful night full of laughs and spicy entertainment! Let our male dancers charm your guests and keep the party rocking throughout the night!
The male strippers in Washington DC  is the home of the finest male dancers and strippers in DC, MD and Northern Virginia tri-state area. Our staff is professional, personable and high class, dedicated to serving you and every guest. That’s why we are #1 for birthday, bachelorette and all special event parties! Book today and let us help you keep Bridezilla at bay!

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20 Jul Get a Shy Bride Excited About Her Bachelorette Party


Unsure Shy Bride

Unsure Shy Bride

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be the one time in a woman’s life where she can express her naughty side without much guilt – it’s like the ultimate girls’ nights out!

Think about it, when else would you be totally allowed to cut loose, drink, dance and let your sultry side out without repercussions! Whether you’re the maid of honor, or one of the ladies throwing a bachelorette party – we have a couple of ideas Get That Shy Bride Excited About Her Bachelorette Party! Shy bride situations that could potentially spoil the night. Even if she’s a shy gal in general, don’t worry, with these tips you can get her from shy to eager before the nights through! The best part, male strippers Washington DC will make sure that shy bride breaks free from conformity for one of the best nights of her life!

Toss Her Out Of Her Comfort Zone!

Don’t let her ruin your devious plans of grandeur and indulgence! If the bride is very conservative it’s time to toss her out of her comfort zone! She might really love drinking tea and dressing the part in general, but this isn’t the time for spiced tea and vanilla cupcakes, it’s time she shake her hips, have some laughs, and down tequila shots with her girls all night. Let exotic male strippers DC spice up the night, we know exactly what it takes to tickle her fancy, and we’ll peel off any protective facade she may be armed with!

Make it Fancy & Bring in the Naughty!

Leading to her big day, the bride has a ton of things to prepare for. The cake tasting, table seating, her dress! Help take the pressure off and make sure she knows her party is in good hands! If she’s more on the conservative side, create an atmosphere that speaks to her high class front. Frilly decorations, an assortment of wine, petite appetizers and classical music is a great trick to keep her from running out the door before your mischievous plan can take effect. When she’s had a few drinks and you see her loosen up, it’s time to take effect your wicked activities! When it’s all said and done she’ll have great memories and she’ll be thanking you by the end of the night!

Remind Her What This Is About!

A shy bride might not necessarily be looking forward to partying the night away before her wedding, so as a good friend, remind her what this is really about. A bachelorette party is above all the symbolism of her last night as a ‘single girl’, where she gets to be wild and act crazy even if it’s unlike her. It’s about a fun night with her most cherished friends, indulging in sweet and naughty pleasures where the only men allowed near you are male strippers DC male dancers who entertain and excite the senses! Remind the shy bride that this is her one shot to cut loose and unleash her naughty sensual side!

Dedicated to serving Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland, our male strippers in DC provide the best in exotic male dancing for bachelorette, birthday, girls night out, and divorce parties! Book your event today and find out why our dancers are known for their warm smiles, rock hard abs and fun personalities!





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