5 Fantastic Bridal Party Makeup Tips Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

12 Aug 5 Fantastic Bridal Party Makeup Tips Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Enhance Your Beauty Don't Hide It!

Enhance Your Beauty Don’t Hide It!

The wedding season is finally here. This means that you are getting ready to welcome the happiest days of your life, spent in the company of your better half. Nonetheless, it also means that you most likely have a million different things on your mind. Fear not, Male Strippers Virginia is here to give you some great tips so you can sit back and relax on your bid day!

Perhaps you’re running around town trying to find the perfect dress. Maybe you’re struggling to organize a fabulous bridal party while staying within the strict boundaries of your budget. All these details can demand a lot of attention and increase your stress levels. Have you thought about the makeup style that you’re going to embrace? The bridal party makeup is one of the most important elements that you should focus on, to bring out the modern goddess in you and amaze your guests with the amplified beauty of your facial features.
Can’t afford to hire a makeup artist for this special event in your life? No worries! With just a few basic products, lots of practice and a little bit of creativity you can do your own makeup, save big and create a stunning look! Here are 5 fantastic tips that may come in handy during this makeover process.
1. Accentuate Only One Facial Feature. Choose to highlight only one key feature to maintain a classy look. You can’t have cherry lips, smoky eyes, the darkest eyebrows on the planet and bronzed cheeks and expect to be perceived as appealing and tasteful. If your eyes are your most alluring facial feature, go for smoky eyes created using browns or matte tones and finish the look by adding a very subtle blush and nude lip gloss. On the other hand, if you have sensual, full lips, go for a classic makeup style based on red lipstick, black eyeliner and a shimmery translucent blush.

2. Avoid SPF Products. Normally, any health-conscious makeup artist would advise you to use products containing SPF. This is the time when you have to make an exception. Ditch SPF-containing elements before taking the first photo! Why? Apparently, most formulas listed in this category comprise zinc oxide (a compound found in various types of foundations and moisturizers). These aids may enable you to look exceptional in person, but they will inevitably contribute to that creepy washed-out look in photos.

3. Avoid Lip Closes If You’re Planning on Wearing a Veil. Veils are our connection with centuries-old traditions. They are a symbol of purity, mysterious beauty, class and elegance. If you don’t want to trade your veil for a tiara or a fascinator, at least go for a matte lipstick that is 100% resistant to transfer. Otherwise, pairing lip gloss with a veil designed to cover your entire face could be a totally misguided decision, turning your big day into a major fashion mishap.

4. Go Light on the Powder and Use Oil Absorbing Sheets. Don’t let a little bit of shine drive you crazy during the big day. If you have oily skin, you may tend to think that powder is your number one ally. Wrong! After multiple applications, this agent could actually trigger less desirable results, guaranteeing a totally unattractive cakey face that nobody wants to see or photograph. On the other hand, oil absorbing sheets fit in your tiny purse and can be easily used to keep shine at bay allowing you to display a radiant, healthy-looking skin all day long.

5. Use Primers and Don’t Overdo It While Applying Shimmer
Tone down shimmer excess. If you think that you can never have enough glitter, your camera will prove you wrong. Even the most sophisticated gadget that you could use to take photos will inevitably turn the extra shimmer that you have generously applied on your brow bones or cheekbones into very unflattering white streaks. If you want to avoid the ghostly bride look at all costs, opt for a less flashy, glittery makeup and choose matte textures that always represent a safe bet. Also, don’t forget to apply premium face and eye primers, designed to increase the lifespan of your bridal party makeup and make you look fresh and relaxed, even when you’re actually tired and overstressed with all the wedding details.

We know your big day is important, take these key bridal makeup tips and share them amongst your bridesmaids! Consider having a pre-wedding makeup party to test out the best makeup looks for each person.
Before the big day don’t forget to book one of our male strippers in Virginia – you’ll not only look great you’ll have let lose all those pre-wedding jitters and frustrations! Let us help celebrate and book today!

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