How to Keep Bridezilla from Crashing Her Own Bachelorette Party

31 Jul How to Keep Bridezilla from Crashing Her Own Bachelorette Party


We all have that ONE friend, we hate to say it but she’s a total diva! But what happens when that fabulous diva turns into bridezilla? If you have a bridezilla on your hands you better be prepared to deal with high demands and unreasonable requests. Male Strippers DC has successfully pleased many bridezillas and lucky for you, we’re more than prepared to deal with unruly brides, but the question is, are you? Before this dashing diva turns into a monster, make sure you have a backup plan. Keeping the bride happy will ensure the whole crew has a blast, we know it’s supposed to be all about her, but common who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves at a bachelorette party? Take a look below for some great tips on how to keep bridezilla from crashing her own bachelorette party!
Loosen Her Up!

I’m not talking about getting her so drunk she can’t walk, I’m just saying a meet and greet at the door with a heavy handed cocktail might loosen her up pretty quick. If she’s stressed out about the wedding she’s sure to start telling you and her guests all about it – instead distract her with a fancy cosmopolitan and tell her how much fun she’s about to have. Sometimes it’s all about setting the standard, if you show her you’ve got her back, she might just relax enough to let loose and enjoy herself. Remember to keep things light; don’t let your frustrations show because it’s sure to pass on to the bride. In other words don’t poke the bear!
Keep Her Busy!

While it’s hard enough to make sure everything runs according to your plan, it can become an outright nightmare if the bride starts getting bored. While you and your guest are preparing for the evening keep her busy by suggesting she try on outfits, fix her hair or makeup, anything to distract her from getting in your way and foiling any plans. Ask for help from the other bridesmaids to keep her busy. Music, high class cocktails and girl stuff should keep her attention focused on the night ahead and keep her out of your hair!
Hire a Professional or a Few!

Hitting the town is a great way to keep the bride entertained but realistically the one thing everyone is waiting for is the strippers! Male Strippers Virginia has been catering to bridezillas and their blushing bridesmaids for a very long time – we know exactly how to turn a party from disastrous to divine in no time flat. Our crew is focused on one thing, keeping the bride happy! With fantastic smiles, hard bodies and delightful personalities, our male dancers in Virginia will have the bride blushing with joy! With a happy bride you’re sure to have a successful night full of laughs and spicy entertainment! Let our male dancers charm your guests and keep the party rocking throughout the night!
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