Get a Shy Bride Excited About Her Bachelorette Party

20 Jul Get a Shy Bride Excited About Her Bachelorette Party


Unsure Shy Bride

Unsure Shy Bride

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be the one time in a woman’s life where she can express her naughty side without much guilt – it’s like the ultimate girls’ nights out!

Think about it, when else would you be totally allowed to cut loose, drink, dance and let your sultry side out without repercussions! Whether you’re the maid of honor, or one of the ladies throwing a bachelorette party – we have a couple of ideas Get That Shy Bride Excited About Her Bachelorette Party! Shy bride situations that could potentially spoil the night. Even if she’s a shy gal in general, don’t worry, with these tips you can get her from shy to eager before the nights through! The best part, male strippers Washington DC will make sure that shy bride breaks free from conformity for one of the best nights of her life!

Toss Her Out Of Her Comfort Zone!

Don’t let her ruin your devious plans of grandeur and indulgence! If the bride is very conservative it’s time to toss her out of her comfort zone! She might really love drinking tea and dressing the part in general, but this isn’t the time for spiced tea and vanilla cupcakes, it’s time she shake her hips, have some laughs, and down tequila shots with her girls all night. Let exotic male strippers DC spice up the night, we know exactly what it takes to tickle her fancy, and we’ll peel off any protective facade she may be armed with!

Make it Fancy & Bring in the Naughty!

Leading to her big day, the bride has a ton of things to prepare for. The cake tasting, table seating, her dress! Help take the pressure off and make sure she knows her party is in good hands! If she’s more on the conservative side, create an atmosphere that speaks to her high class front. Frilly decorations, an assortment of wine, petite appetizers and classical music is a great trick to keep her from running out the door before your mischievous plan can take effect. When she’s had a few drinks and you see her loosen up, it’s time to take effect your wicked activities! When it’s all said and done she’ll have great memories and she’ll be thanking you by the end of the night!

Remind Her What This Is About!

A shy bride might not necessarily be looking forward to partying the night away before her wedding, so as a good friend, remind her what this is really about. A bachelorette party is above all the symbolism of her last night as a ‘single girl’, where she gets to be wild and act crazy even if it’s unlike her. It’s about a fun night with her most cherished friends, indulging in sweet and naughty pleasures where the only men allowed near you are male strippers DC male dancers who entertain and excite the senses! Remind the shy bride that this is her one shot to cut loose and unleash her naughty sensual side!

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